Lance and grand theft auto

Chasey, I think I’m going insane. I’ve left the good side of the law, the good side of everything, it’s all just so…weird.

We arrived at the sugar factory. It was a beautiful setting, with one and a half levels (the back half of the building had another storey put in where something happened…loads of empty barrels, sugar cane stuff. Broken windows through which the afternoon sunlight shone golden, dust in the corners, the whole “no one’s been here for years” stuff. It was just beautiful, and I took a couple of pictures. Lianne went upstairs to check on things.

Now, this part sounds weird, but whenever my grandma tried to do something with the spirit world, she needed blood. Hers, preferably. So I told this to Lianne and she thought it was worth a shot. We took a knife and she cut her hand with it.

That’s when we heard a voice, coming from the darkness behind us.

“Hello, Mother.”

Not the voice we’d hoped for. It was Lance. I have no idea how long he’d stood there and just watched us (can’t have been long or he’d have seen Lianne is not his mother). I just…dove for cover behind a pillar. Lianne turned around.

“Hello, Lance.”
“Mother, you’re back!”

At this point, that stone-cold killer psycho went up to Lianne and hugged her. I have no idea what was in that joint she shared with Tucker and the guys, but she still managed to stand there like a fucking goddess.

Lance stopped hugging her eventually and seemed kind of embarrassed by that.

“I’m sorry mother. It’s just…you’ve been gone for so long!” I could actually see tears in his eyes.

“It’s alright, son. Just don’t let it happen again.”

She took a deep breath. “So…as you noticed I’ve been gone for a while. What have you been up to?”

“Well mother, I tried to find the grail, as instructed. I was not successful, none of the people I interrogated knew where it was. But now you’re back!”

I could see the fanatical devotion in his eyes. Freud would have a hell of a lot of fun with Lance in his offices.

To make this part of the telling short (I can’t bear to write the long version down), Lance hacked, sliced, skinned and gunned his way through just about everyone he met on his search for the grail. He skinned Mordred. “Mother, we always knew it was him or me. Right, mother?” Lianne actually told him off for that like he was a little boy who’d just lost his favourite toy. Artie? “I just shot him, I didn’t kill him.” Eddie? “Never seen him.” That’s one good thing.

In the end he seemed relieved. He definitely looked up to Lianne and asked her what to do. And let me tell you, Chasey, that girl has guts. She told him to “ask” Pinkie Duval.

I swallowed at that. I mean, pinky is a bad guy. One of the worst. But as far as I know, he never killed anyone. He’s involved with the people at Grail (whom I’ve never met), and that makes him probably not a civilian, but still…it kind of doesn’t sit well on my conscience.

Eventually, Lance left, and we just sat there with weak knees. So, Nimue was Lances Mother. Nimue, who apparently is the twin sister of Lianne. Nimue, who’d been all around us the whole time. We got to thinking, and maybe it was the drugs, maybe it was something different..but somehow we were convinced that while Lianne was not Nimue, Nimue was, in some way, Lianne.

Lianne told me that when Nimue had stolen the Grail, she’d just appeared, taken the bottle and put it into her pocket.
I don’t want to put in writing what happened next. A while later we heard the sound of arriving cars, and it was Hook-man and some people associated with Alex Abel. We snuck out through the back door (thank you Lance for that), waited until they were in the building, and then went to the cars. We noticed a couple of things:

  1. they had arrived in only one car, a monstrous army SUV
  2. they’d left the keys in the ignition.

Lianne figured they wanted to kill us anyway, so she got into the SUV (together with our Knights, who’d served us as lookouts REALLY WELL), and I took our car. A couple of miles down the road we ditched some kind of GPS location positioning system out of the SUV. The plan was to head out to the lake and find Shaun.

That’s where we are now. We found Shaun’s car at a locked boathouse, and Lianne’s gone to look for traces. Thing is, I still don’t get how they found us at the sugar cane factory. The people who blew up Shaun’s car, and who had that big GPS thingy in theirs. Shit.


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